10 Tips on E-Commerce your school will never teach you

Most times, in our innermost desires, we wish to own a business. It’s beautiful to be your boss, to run your firm at your own pace. But there are huge fears that hinder us from taking this risk.
You wish to reach as many customers, to wake up every morning to a new sales alert? Then a journey through E-Commerce is your ticket to boosting your entrepreneurship hustle.

E-Commerce is the activity that involves the selling of goods, trade of products, and services using the internet.
The beauty of E-Commerce is that you don’t need to physically meet your customers and clients as all transactions are done online, which involves the transfer of money as payment.

Globally, as of April 2020, there are 4.57 billion active internet users, and as of 2016, there were 86,219,965 with a total of 92.3 million internet users as of 2018, a figure which is estimated to grow to 187.8 million internet users in 2023.

E-Commerce activities, include online shopping sites like jumia, Konga, Amazon, etc.

The wings of E-commerce has large spread even to our banks, adopting electronic business processes, through online banking even with their customer care attending to your financial complaints.

Spreading across through our Facebook pages, its stories, WhatsApp stories, there is always a copywrite post on display, attracting you to purchase a commodity, making transactions so easy for buyers that it might be a thing to worry about as offline markets are gradually reducing on sales.

Even though markets are shut down as a result of the pandemic, Amazon reaps $11,000 per second on its product and services, pushing Jeff Bezos further as the world’s richest man with a networth of $138 billion.

Is this getting you worried as I am?
I bet it should.

However, if you desire to turn your E-Commerce store to a flourishing business, then the essential thing holding you from achieving that, is you.

Here are 10 Tips on E-Commerce your school will never teach you;


Making a major launch into E-Commerce can be risky if you are not sure on which cloud you want to land on. This is the sole reason why you must define your e-commerce store.
You will need to discover a niche, a trend line you wish your product to feature in. You must not fall into the trap of capitalizing your entire store on a particular product because most product trends don’t last long.
Look out for popular but reliable niches probably related to fashion, fitness, jewelry, phone accessories, pets, beauty as your choice may be, as these niches are daily demand products from potential customers.

The act of choosing your niche, promoting it, utilizing advertising, and sticking to a recognizable identity is called Branding.

Visibility is a marketing tool that your business needs to break through the dust and grab the attention of your ideal customers, giving you an upper edge in the competitive market.
The easiest way of becoming visible is to make adequate use of your social media handles. No single day should go by without your friends, followers, fans, contacts getting to know what you sell.
Your potential customers might be on your list without you knowing.


Knowing who your customers are and where to find them is the basis of a business. As minor as this may sound, getting it right sets you on the right path to always having customers flock in. As a starter, you might begin your hunt for customers using your social media handle, as I said earlier, because your target audience might be amongst your crowd of viewers. Truthfully, this might be a longer route.
Constant display of your brand by yourself might be an excellent way to reach out, but a better approach is to connect with brand influencers in your niche.

Influencer marketing is a branch of networking social media marketing that uses endorsements and product display from influencers. These influencers have a higher level of expertise and social influence on a particular field to draw attention to your required field through the contents they create and post.

Influencers help as third party agents to breach the gap between you and your customers by continually giving them reasons why they should choose your brand.
This enables you to spread a broader net to reaching your target audience.

Build your contact list.

Gathering your business clients is an enjoyable experience for every rising entrepreneur, but always ensure making a documented list.
A list of your customers, their phone numbers, email addresses is necessary. And to make it more accessible, it is advisable you creat a social media group to keep them updated on your products, prices, and promotions.


Building relationships with your customers is a way of gaining their trust. This process might be time-consuming, but getting to know the needs of your customers assures them that you have them at heart.

Always, ask them how they enjoy your product, ways they’ll wish you improve, and other products they wish your store had. Not everyone will continuously reply to your messages, but those feedbacks bonds you closer to your customers.


Jeff Bezos once said;

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

There is this radiant glow of beauty when a satisfied customer spreads the good news about your business.
It doesn’t just attest credibility to your store but also encourages more sales and purchases from new customers.
Value your customers; they are your greatest assets, invest in them.


Promotional Videos are a branch of content development that helps increase sales. These videos can come in the form of animations, graphical display, but must be specific and direct. They must k audibly and understandingly to your audience.
Creating Ads on Instagram and on Facebook attracts traffic to your store. As this traffic and with the perfect reach out to your target audience, it will be converted to sales.


Everyone loves buying quality items at a lower price. Granting your customers’ percentage discounts go a long way to attract them and also keep them glued to your store.
You can decide to run these discounts on weekends as Black Friday or as an appreciative package to their mails. Just device a means that will work for you.


As a starter, free delivery services gives you an upper edge in the competitive market. This might look stressful for a start, but as it goes on.
You’ll understand why you had to.


You must get new customers, but that doesn’t mean you’ll overlook the necessity to retain old customers. It will cost you ten times more effort to get a new customer than it will to keep an old customer.
Learn to reward your old customers, offer them discounts during their birthdays, a gift on their second or third purchase. You can organize contests on their purchase limit. The more creative you are to create an attractive scheme, the more they’ll be happy to spend more.


Mentorship, doesn’t necessarily mean you should hire an expert to hold your hands as you take each step. This might be too expensive for you to handle as a starter. Instead, you can pick out brands that are doing amazingly well in your niche. Figure out how they do their things, what sets them out from others. Also considering studying mistakes they always avoid that other failing stores always make.
You mustn’t copy exactly their way of doing things but creatively borrow a leaf to make yours better.

Welcome to the market, friend!
I wish you well in your endeavors.

Happy Trading!

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