10 Reasons to become a software Developer

Get enlightened on reasons to become a software developer and why it is a great launch in your career.

The echo for software developers is gaining momentum. You may have the urge to become a software developer even without tangible reasons for becoming one.

To a lot of people, the major reason to become a software developer is to bear the “Tech Bro/Sis” tag. It sounds glorifying identifying yourself with some geeky name tags. To some other set of people, the rumor that software developers earn heavily is enough reason to become a software developers. However, are these enough reasons to become a software developer?

Why do you want to be a software developer? The software development industry is booming because a lot of industries need the services of a software developers. In finance, education, entertainment, the need to create usable digital solutions increases the demand for software developers.

Let me guide you through ten reasons to become a software developer and why transitioning to tech is a great idea.

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Ten Reasons to become a software developer

1. High Demand Labor

As long as there is an increasing need for digital solutions, apps, and products, the demand for software developers keeps increasing. The services of software developers will always be on the rise. The labor market has great needs that will keep the demand high. Software development gives you a career path that allows you to grow and match up with ever-increasing job demand. From working as a junior developer, there are jobs available for you down till when you become a senior developer.

2. Problem-solving tasks

Becoming a software developer allows you to become a problem solver. You employ critical and analytical thinking processes to come up with creative means to deploy solutions. From wireframing to prototyping, software developers understand that problem solving is a fundamental element in software development. From the process of writing codes for the next big app to debugging the process, your mind focuses on building something that solves problems.

3. Flexible work terms

Being a software developer offers you the opportunity to enjoy flexible work terms. Employment offers as a software developer come in the form of freelance jobs.

Working as a software developer allows you to decide your charges and billing cycle. You have full autonomy in how you work and how you operate. You might not need to handle all the tasks. There is a product manager and a team of developers to delegate tasks and give you enough time for your personal life.

4. Innovative and driven by invention

As a software developer, you can write codes to build any app of your choice. Do you feel that Google maps have some limitations or need an upgrade? You can either pitch to the company and get paid to develop an updated version of their app or you can just build an innovative version of the app. Do you have a new idea for an app? Becoming a software developer grants you the opportunity to transform your ideas into products.

You can build, launch, scale, and sell as many innovative solutions as you can.

5. Amazing pay

This is where it becomes interesting. The software development industry has a lot of amazing benefits and excellent pay. Compared to other professions in the world, software developers go back with more cash than their counterparts. Apps and digital solutions are sold for tons of dollars, what makes you think the developers ain’t paid well? There is nothing bad with this. If you want to earn handsomely, you might consider becoming a software developer.

6. Ability to network with the tech community

As a software developer, you will get used to attending a lot of conferences and seminars. You will have more vacations and boot camps. You will network and connect with industry leads in the tech community. This drives communal growth and the ability to tap into the latest trends.

This makes the world of software developers an ever-evolving world.

7. Remote job specifications

Most software developer jobs are “work from home”. You can work from anywhere at any time. You are confined by any law to work within the building of the company. You are even free to negotiate your work terms and prefer to work as a freelancer and not as a full staff of the company. This serves as a money conservation technique. You don’t have to spend money on your transportation fares and you can design your workspace just as you want.

8. Challenging roles

There is nothing as beautiful as getting a job brief with a challenging job description. You will love to become a software developer if you love to take up challenging roles. The art of becoming a software developer is tied to a lot of mental exercises. From trying to beat an ever-evolving market to creating state-of-the-art apps, you have a lot of competitions to beat. It becomes fun when you start attending hackathons and challenges. You are raced to become better, meet deadlines and produce products that match the market demand.

9. Fuel your creativity

If you love to put your brain to the test, then you might consider becoming a software developer. As a software developer, you will always face situations that will make you challenge your thoughts. The goal is to create products that make things easier. This will include choosing the less complex to achieve this.

10. Fun lifestyle

This might sound like the funniest reason why you should become a software developer. But there is a possibility that this may tickle your fancy. Based on your flexible work terms as a software developer, you are not tied to wearing suits or long shirts. There is no need to always be on corporate wear when you are simply working from with your pajamas.

You have enough time to a break, book a vacation, or just stroll to a beach with your laptop and simply work from there.

The life of a software developer offers you enough freedom. If this is the type of life that you want to live, becoming a software developer ain’t a bad idea.

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